Investing in YOuth so they can thrive through Christ


What is L.I.T.?

L.I.T. (Living In Truth) is the Youth Ministry Program (7th-12th grade) at Northgate Church. Our passion is to see young people grow in their knowledge of God, in their passion for Jesus, and in their love for others. We also believe that Youth Group ought to be a place where students can have fun, meet new people, and grow as individuals. Check out our “Events” page to see what activities are coming up!

Why L.I.T.?

We live in a complicated world and young people are having to face a lot of difficult questions. The good news is we believe we can find answers in God and experience hope through Him. At L.I.T., we not only teach young people about the Truth, but we also want to show them how they can live in it.

(John 14:6, John 10:10, Phil. 1:17)

If you would like to receive more information about Northgate’s Youth Group, contact us at the button below and a team member will reach out shortly!


Weekly Activities


Sunday School

9:30am-10:30am / Youth Room

Explore God’s Word and grow in your faith.

Sunday Nights

6:30pm-8:30pm / Youth Room

Free Food, Fun games, Great friends, Challenging Lesson

Special events

Throughout the year we have a lot of fun together going on retreats, doing service projects, having parties, and going on fun trips. Contact us to find out what the next scheduled special event is!

L.I.T. Parents PAge

At Northgate, we recognize the tremendous role parents have in their children’s lives. We desire to partner with parents as they seek to guide their children towards healthy and holistic lives. The L.I.T. Parent’s Page will help you stay in the loop with the lessons your kids are hearing, to find discussion questions for conversations in your home, and to find ways to connect to other parents in our ministry.

Parent Info