What we've raised


Thank you for helping us reach our goal and beyond!

The above number represents contributions and remaining pledges still to be fulfilled.

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A plan to grow

We want more people to connect with our Lord as we exalt Christ, explore His Word, and extend His love.

Widening the Gate is a Northgate expansion and excellence campaign to improve our building and grow our ministries. Our goal is to strengthen Northgate's mission and raise $250,000 in a seven-month stretch of grace. The stretch will run from April - October of 2018. 

Where the money is going

  1. Restrooms will be remodeled and more accessible

  2. Parking lot lighting

  3. Expand parking lot and entrance way

  4. Foyer updates

  5. Projection updates in sanctuary

  6. Updates to the front of the building

  7. Window replacement

  8. Carpet replacement

  9. Fellowship hall and kitchen updates

  10. Playground

  11. New sign and tree removal

  12. Mission projects


  • Update all restrooms (upstairs and downstairs)

  • Add a "family" restroom upstairs and downstairs

  • Existing upstairs restrooms will be updated without changing floor plan. The floorpan for the downstairs restrooms may change slightly


Parking Lot Lighting

  • Existing parking lot lighting has had numerous fixtures fail over the years

  • The majority of the lot is currently dark after sundown

  • Many ministries meet in the evenings

  • Project plan is to update lights closest to the building, then reevaluate whether additional steps are needed


Expand Parking Lot and Entrance

Create a safer parking lot with more space in our lot and at our entrance to better accommodate growth.

Foyer Updates

  • Improve traffic flow in children’s check-in area

  • Better highlighting our mission statement and missionaries

  • Create a welcome area

  • Foyer flooring will come out of the “carpet” budget. We will use commercial grade luxury vinyl tile.


Projection Updates in Sanctuary

  • Upgrade projection equipment in sanctuary so that we no longer project from the floor

  • Speakers/singers will no longer block the projection

  • Clearly feature baptistery and cross

  • Clearer and brighter images


Updates to the front of the building

  • We want to improve the aesthetics of the stained glass above the entry doors.

  • Replace 6 broken colored glass panels

  • Repair or replace aluminum coil stock (metal frame between glass panels)

  • Scrape and re-caulk glass panels

  • Paint aluminum cross to magnify it

  • Restore interior back-lighting to illuminate colored glass

Window Replacement

  • Replace windows in sanctuary, fellowship hall & bathrooms

  • Use white vinyl, double hung windows in sanctuary and bathrooms including full screens

  • Fellowship hall windows will include tempered glass to prevent injuries and improve security

  • Energy efficient to improve heating and cooling costs


Carpet Replacement

  • Replace carpet throughout the building, excluding the sanctuary


Kitchen and Fellowship Hall updates

  • Add entryway door to eliminate unnecessary kitchen traffic

  • Focus on making kitchen convenient and comfortable

  • Heat removal and/or air conditioning

  • Evaluate major appliance needs

  • Organize – make better use of existing space



Install a light commercial grade playground on the west side of the building, along with the necessary fencing, mulch, and landscaping


New Sign and Tree Removal

  • Replace the sign with one that is more noticeable

  • Add a digital sign that can convey more than our name

  • Remove the trees that block our illuminated cross


It's more than just a building campaign...

Grow by 5% in worship attendance in 2018

  • Pray for your 3! Select three people you will pray for daily and invite them to church.

Launch five new discipleship groups in 2018.

  • Who could you commit to pray for and invest in so that they grow in their faith?

Invest in outreach ministries.

  • $5000 to extend His love in Northview Heights

  • $5000 to extend His love in Haiti


In Conclusion